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By Usman Arshad | May 17, 2022

amazon in Pakistan

With an exponential rise in online goods purchases, it had become much more important for Amazon to come to Pakistan. This is because Amazon sellers from Pakistan were facing a lot of issues selling products on Amazon from Pakistan. The need for Amazon Pakistan Seller Account is becoming more and more crucial.

Finally, on Friday, May 21, 2021, Amazon finally announced that Pakistan has been added to its sellers’ list. The answer to the question about “is amazon coming to Pakistan” was finally given. Now, Amazon sellers can run a successful store on Amazon in Pakistan. Gone are the days when sellers had to opt for certain means to fulfill orders on Amazon in Pakistan. In addition, these means used to cost them so much that they had to compromise on profits, too. In this article, we are going to cover every aspect of selling on Amazon from Pakistan.

How to use Amazon in Pakistan?

It has never been so difficult to use Amazon in Pakistan. But, unfortunately, some people still lack knowledge about running a successful business on Amazon. It requires a series of considerations to satisfy your customers and make better social proof. So you need to value each aspect of selling your products.

Amazon offers selling products in two ways. These are FBA and FBM. FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon, whereas FBM stands for fulfillment by the merchant. Most of the sellers prefer going with FBA because Amazon handles all the post-order dealings.

To be more precise, Amazon FBA works in a way that the seller delivers the inventory to one of Amazon’s warehouses. Then Amazon identifies the products’ quality following its policies. After the products pass through Amazon’s policies and limitations, Amazon keeps the inventory and you’re free from any further hustle.

Why was Amazon banned in Pakistan?

Previously, a few years back, Amazon was banned in Pakistan. One of the major reasons for it was the abusive sellers and buyers from this country. Sadly, we have to admit the fact that Amazon sellers and buyers from Pakistan lack patience. They lack following the guidelines specified by the platform, which portrays a bad experience for buyers worldwide. Lastly, we have a very low standard of customer support. Our customer support standards are one of the worst across the globe.

How to earn from Amazon in Pakistan?

You have two ways to start earning from Amazon. One way is to start selling private label products on Amazon. But it requires investment to build a brand, register it, and then set up it properly. You will need to hire an Amazon virtual assistant that will handle the operating tasks of your Amazon store. So, you need to invest in these regards so that you can run a smooth business on Amazon.

Another way to start earning from Amazon is to start selling your services as an Amazon VA. It requires no investment to become a VA and start earning from Amazon. Because there are a lot of free courses available online. You can master the most demanding skills of selling products on Amazon and sell your services right away. There are a couple of freelance platforms which offer to sell your services. Moreover, you can leverage Amazon affiliate blogging, merch by Amazon, or Amazon Kindle Store to start earning from Amazon.

From where can I avail Amazon Virtual Assistant Course in Pakistan?

Several Amazon training institutes are offering Amazon Virtual Assistant courses all across Pakistan. Sparko Sol is one of the best Amazon training institutes offering virtual assistant courses with hands-on training in Multan. Sparko Sol aims to empower students to learn the most demanding skills of the present era and make their future out of it. We also offer top-notch E-commerce solutions to businesses having more than 7 years of experience uplifting the growth of eCommerce businesses all around the world.

Does Amazon Deliver in Pakistan?

Amazon delivers a few of the items to Pakistan, but not everything. There are a couple of reasons behind this. One of the main reasons for Amazon’s not delivering products to Pakistan is the Pakistani government and its banking system. They both don’t support international companies to work in Pakistan. The unavailability of proper legislation is the reason why Amazon doesn’t deliver all of its product here. However, Amazon delivers some products in this country, but it costs too much time and money. Additionally, customs clearance is also a hurdle in shipping products to Pakistan.

Can I sell on Amazon from Pakistan?

Yes, you can sell products on Amazon from Pakistan as Amazon has finally added Pakistan to its sellers’ list. Before moving further, you will have to admit the fact that there are several aspects involved other than selecting a product to successfully run a business on Amazon. Generally, these aspects are packaging, branding, marketing, and fulfillment. You need to accomplish these important steps the right way so you can sell products effectively and generate massive revenues. To start selling on Amazon, you need to create an Amazon seller account. Furthermore, it requires 4 steps to sell on Amazon. These are:

  1. Create an account. You just need GST, PAN, and active bank account details.
  2. List your products, store them, and deliver them right away.
  3. Monitor your sales and track growth. You can easily track customer orders, sales growth & payment settlements on Amazon’s centralized dashboard available on desktop & app.
  4. Generate massive revenues out of your sales. Once you become a verified seller, payments are deposited safely into your bank account every 7 days. Surprisingly, payments for pay on delivery orders are also deposited in your bank account in this timeframe.

Wrapping Up

This was it for running a successful business on Amazon. I hope this article helps you understand several aspects of selling products on Amazon. Furthermore, if you’re looking for E-commerce experts to help you assist with handling your business on Amazon, then you’re in the right place. Sparko Sol is a top E-commerce management agency in Pakistan with a history of scaling businesses to their highest potential.

Feel free to comment down with any suggestions or queries. Or get in touch with us and let’s discuss your business to take it to the next level.

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