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By Usman Arshad | May 12, 2022

amazon training in multan

Amazon virtual assistant course has become one of the major concerns of people in the present times. After the arrival of Amazon in Pakistan, people have realized the potential of selling products online. Owing to this, you can avail the opportunity of Amazon training in Multan.

Amazon’s worldwide net sales revenue was around 470 billion USD in 2021. There are a lot of startups and established businesses selling their products on Amazon. So, virtual assistants are in-demand at present and will stay in demand for a long time because of the sustainability of Amazon.

In this blog, we are going to educate you all about how to learn Amazon in Multan, how to earn money from Amazon, how long it takes to become a virtual assistant on Amazon, etc.

What is Amazon Virtual Assistant Job?

In the world of Amazon, a virtual assistant is a person who is remotely involved in your business. A virtual assistant can either be working part-time, employed full-time, or be working on per task responsibility. In other words, you can say that a virtual assistant is the backbone of an Amazon business that handles most of the operating tasks. As a business owner on Amazon, you may not be skilled in certain tasks that a virtual assistant could do easily. So, having a virtual assistant for your Amazon business is a must to scale your business effectively.

An Amazon virtual assistant can do plenty of tasks to handle your business. This could range from finding a profitable product to handling the order processing, customer support, and so on. An Amazon virtual assistant can also perform product research, sourcing, listing & optimization, and running Amazon ad campaigns.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Training in Multan

With the rise in online shopping, online marketplaces have excelled rapidly. This entices the demand for virtual assistants to help businesses scale their growth. Amazon is considerably the top online marketplace with millions of customers who are ready to buy products around the globe.

Sparko Sol is a leading tech & e-commerce institute that offers the best Amazon training courses in Multan since 2021. Having completed several batches, Sparko Sol has played a significant role in building the careers of hundreds of students by offering advanced Amazon courses. Watch our students’ feedback here.

We encourage students to learn the most demanding skills of the present era. Today, Amazon virtual assistant courses are a hot topic, among others. To help you leverage the earning potential of this broad marketplace, we offer Amazon training in Multan. This advanced Amazon course covers every part of selling on Amazon and handling an Amazon seller central account as well.

Sparko Sol is empowering students to learn about Amazon and make their future out of it. As businesses on online marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Etsy are growing, the demand for virtual assistants is also increasing. This is a big opportunity for you all to learn Amazon and secure a better future for yourself.
Moreover, we also train our students regarding freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr. This helps them showcase and monetize their skills as freelancers. Surprisingly, students start getting projects during the course after learning our proven ranking secrets of freelance platforms.

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Why Choose Sparko Sol Institute for Amazon Training in Multan?

Best amazon training institute in Multan

Sparko Sol institute has successfully conducted several batches of Amazon training, securing the top spot in the list of Amazon institutes in Multan. We make sure that each student extracts the utmost value from the course and also learns the skills thoroughly. It doesn’t matter if you have a technical or biological background, learning Amazon will always be your right choice. This is because it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It just needs dedication, motivation, and commitment to learning Amazon.

Following are the salient features of our Amazon Hand-on Training Course.

Group Learning System

Our Amazon course is structured on an activity-based group learning system. We believe in collective efforts where students can collaborate and work together to enhance their skill set.   

Daily Progress Evaluation

Students’ progress is evaluated on a daily basis based on their engagement in the class and accomplishments in the assigned tasks.

Hands-on Experience

Practical experience is as important as theoretical knowledge. We focus on delivering the hands-on experience to students on Amazon Seller Central Accounts.

Amazing Cash Prizes

Sparko Sol always inspires students’ excellent performance by rewarding amazing cash prizes throughout the course. Surprisingly, at the end of the course, the group competition winner receives a massive cash prize worth PKR. 100,000/-.

Freelancing Training

As learning the skills is the first step, what’s the next one? Showcasing your talent on freelance marketplaces and charging for your services. That’s what we also teach in our Amazon VA course in Multan.

Technical Support

We help our students pave out any course-related problems occurring even after course completion.

Paid Internships & Job Opportunities

We offer paid internships to five of the students who prove their excellence throughout the course. Afterward, students are offered full-time jobs based on their performance.

Still, have confusion? Explore these FAQs.

What is Amazon Virtual Assistant Salary in Pakistan?

The salary of a virtual assistant solely depends on the expertise offered by the VA. However, an average or a newbie Amazon VA earns up to $1000 a month. Whereas, a mid-level Amazon VA can hit the mark of $3000 per month. And an expert VA with a profound skill set and experience can easily earn more than $5000 a month.

What is Amazon VA course?

An Amazon VA course teaches a series of skills that help Amazon sellers grow their businesses. You get familiar with all the areas of running a business on Amazon. These skills range from researching a profitable product to handling, order processing, customer support, and so on.

How much is the Amazon course fee in Pakistan?

Usually, amazon training institutes charge a lot more than what they offer. But, charging PKR. 35,000/- for the amazon course with these many perks is going to be worth it for you.

Is Virtual Assistant in demand these days?

Amazon Virtual Assistants are undoubtedly in high demand. This is because of the exponential growth of businesses on Amazon and the increased number of online sellers. The clients need an assistant to help them with handling certain operations of running their stores on Amazon. So, Virtual Assistants are likely to stay in demand for a long period.

Is Amazon FBA available in Pakistan?

Luckily, yes. Pakistan has recently got a spot on the list of approved sellers on Amazon. Amazon has finally opened the gates for sellers from Pakistan to enter its international marketplace.

How much time does it take to become an Amazon VA?

To become a VA on Amazon, you hardly need 3 months to learn all the areas of running a business on Amazon. It also depends on your intellect and ability to learn. Fast learning students can also learn Amazon in less than 2 months.  

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