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Finding the right skill with good demand is important to earn more money as a freelancer. But, it’s even more important to find something that you enjoy doing.
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    Amazon Hands-On Training

    Hands-On Experience Chahiye?

    You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or go to college to become a freelancer. But, you do need a set of skills to offer as a service to your clients. Whether it’s coding, writing, or even data entry, you must excel in the skill before you can offer it as a service. We at SparkoSol empower students with strong skills and provide them a hands-on experience. Join us if you want to be a successful freelancer!

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    Offering Wide Range Of Highly Demanding Skills

    We have shortlisted the skills with highest demand and a bright future prospect so you can develop a strong career and living.

    Amazon Hands-On Training

    Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

    Graphic Designing


    If You Put The Time In, These Trainings Will Pay For Themselves.

    Instead of conventional teaching, SparkoSol is focused on activity based learnings so you can get hands-on experience by collaborating with a team and working on real client projects. We help our students become financially stable and drive them to achieve their goals. Our ultimate goal is to empower students with such skills that result in developing a strong career and living.

    34,900 PKR

    Amazon Hands-on Training

    • Product Development.
    • Advanced Sourcing.
    • Listing SEO & Optimization.
    • Understand Science of PPC.
    • Product Launch & Ranking Strategies.
    • Freelancing Training


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    Speaks For Itself

    Witness, how SparkoSol has successfully empowered 1000+ students to earn and make a living on their own.Build the skills and confidence you need to be your own boss.

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