Why Choose Agile Methodology in App Development Projects?

By Usman Arshad | May 20, 2022

why choose agile methodology for app development projects

In this era of digital evolution, mobile application development has become one of the top trends in businesses. There are more than 5 million apps available in app stores to date. So, it has become a challenge for businesses to stand out in the digital marketplace. Using agile methodology in app development projects helps developers build great apps.

Enterprises and startups are struggling their best to find a way that would help them join the contest at the earliest without compromising quality. One of the ways to accomplish this is through the adoption of agile methodologies.

A well-executed agile methodology for application development can lead you towards building a successful mobile app. It is the process of sequenced iterations, constant stakeholder engagement, customer collaboration, and transparency throughout the process.

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile methodology is a step-by-step process that helps to organize the whole work process throughout a mobile app development project. It splits down the different areas which helps monitor progress easily.

The agile methodology depends on the following principles:

  • Immune to any changes.
  • A precise brief of all requirements.
  • Evaluation of tasks performed by the development team.
  • A sequenced development process with a defined timeframe.

Hence, agile methodology streamlines the work process that ultimately brings efficiency to the whole project.

How does Agile Methodology Work?

As the agile methodology consists of short cycles ranging from 2 to 3 weeks, it minimizes the risk factor. The progress after each cycle can be evaluated. It will open the doors for improvements in the current progress. The developer can ask a limited audience to use the app and detect any bugs or suggest any feature to add.

Agile methodology in mobile app development has the following stages:

  • Project Planning
  • Requirements Analysis
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development Process
  • App Testing
  • Documentation of the App
  • App Launch

10 Reasons to Use Agile Methodology for App Development

reasons to use agile methodology in app development project

1. High-Quality Product

Unlike other traditional mobile app development models, agile methodology gives developers a chance to repeatedly test the app daily. Additionally, working on small incremental releases ensures maximum optimization and scalability of the app.

Developers get enough time to keenly observe the effectiveness of current progress. In this way, the possibility of bugs is minimized too. In the Agile model, developers don’t add all the features at once. Instead, they make sure that the current feature is working perfectly fine, then they move on to the next step.

This maximizes productivity and perfection in the work process resulting in a high-quality end product.

2. Rapid Return on Investment

With agile methodology, businesses get to have a minimum viable product (MVP) while spending less money. They can further validate their business idea through this. All the improvements and suggestions are noted which can then be included in making a better version of your app.

This makes it easier for businesses to test their idea, collect the required data and insights, build up a brand presence, and then deliver the best features as per the market trends and customer requirements.

This helps app developers strategically make the decisions that maximize ROI when the app is finally launched.

3. Fast Development

The agile app development method splits down the work process into smaller modules treated like sub-projects. Developers have no dependency on others. Each of the team members is focused on the particular task which is assigned to him or her.

There is a difference between a whole team working on a single task and individuals working on specified tasks.

Every member of the team has a clear idea of what his contribution is going to do to the overall project. Moreover, every member of the team gets enough time to put their maximum efforts into the task specified to them.

In this way, a well-organized workflow is formed that results in a quick development process.

4. Risk Minimization

With ever-evolving digital trends, it could be really risky to launch a new mobile app. Many times there are circumstances that the market data you collected at the time before developing the app may go outdated by the time you launch your app. This results in, however, a poor ROI and a doubtful future in the market.

In agile methodology, developers get to test every feature before moving on to the next one. It validates the fact that factors like chances of failures, budget shortages, timeline extensions, and scope creep stay away from the project.

5. More Productivity

The streamlined flow of work process in agile methodology lowers the scope of daily discussions and focuses on priority tasks. The whole team works on goals with accountability which helps meet the requirements in a fixed time.

You can easily assign tasks to the multiple teams formed to perform their respective tasks. It will reduce dependencies of members at the inner-team level. Moreover, you can have a record of everyone’s progress throughout the project.

Effectively managing the teams and tasks assigned to them results in increased productivity.

6. Quick Changes

As discussed earlier, the agile app development process is immune to changes. It means that whenever a stakeholder or a peer asks for amendments or suggestions, they can be added instantly.

Working with agile methodology doesn’t mean the team has to wait for a lengthy approval process. Any change or improvement is added to the backlog and allotted to the team based on their current responsibilities.

The developers are not bound to work in a nutshell. Agile methodology has the flexibility of time and workforce to adapt to change.

There is no particular rule to develop the app. Developers can always look for better technological frameworks and ways to develop or launch an app.

7. Reduced Development Cost

In the agile methodology of app development, every step is well-managed, planned, and runs smoothly. So, you can easily estimate the cost for the entire project.

Interestingly, the development cost turns out to be less than the waterfall methodology. This is because of proper team management.

While in the case of the waterfall app development methodology, any of the changes require a long approval process. This results in a prolonged period to complete the project and increased cost ultimately.

8. Transparent Work Process

Whenever a task is assigned to any individual or a team, every person involved in the project is well aware of this. The project manager reviews any of the changes or improvements.

The developer, tester, analyst, and product owner work together to achieve the task assigned first. This keeps the whole team on the same page. Every feature is verified by the developers that it perfectly meets the customer’s requirements. This portrays a transparent working environment.

9. Defined Timeframe

As discussed earlier, agile methodology requires a well-planned and well-organized infrastructure. This ensures that the development team will have a clear idea of how much time it is going to take.

On the other hand, the waterfall methodology doesn’t allow developers to forecast release dates. Because the whole team works on a specific task and then moves on to the next one.

Owing to this, developers cannot handle changes easily in a limited time. Which turns out to be a much longer project. It, unfortunately, increases the cost of development.

Hence, the agile methodology offers the developers to easily determine the time required to complete the project.

10. Customer Satisfaction

In Agile methodology, developers work closely with the stakeholder and the customers too. This creates a fruitful working process because developers can easily listen to customer reviews about the app.

The product owner review, analyze, and then approves any of the customer concerns. This enables the team to identify whether they are working along the same trajectory as the stakeholder.

It ultimately reduces the risk of launching an app that hardly meets the customer’s needs. Because agile methodology focuses on customer reviews as a priority.

Final Words

Lastly, you might have realized the benefits and importance of choosing an agile methodology over a waterfall one. Agile methodology helps development companies deliver high-end, top-notch, and highly responsive iOS and Android apps.

Daily interaction and planning meetings help developers become aware of any issue so that it can be resolved quickly. With Agile application development, teams can quickly adapt to requirements changes without negatively impacting release dates.

If you are looking for mobile, web, or desktop app development services using agile methodology then you’re in the right place. Sparko Sol, a leading app development company, provides top-notch app development services building highly scalable apps. Feel free to contact us anytime or leave your opinion in the comments down below.

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