Top 6 Tips To Boost Amazon Sales

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Amazon marketplace has tremendous shares in the eCommerce market. Over 8 million sellers are selling on Amazon, with almost 1.7 million active sellers. Additionally, the expected increase in the number of sellers on Amazon is 18% annually. There were $12,000,000 sales hourly in 2020. These mind-blowing stats are clear proof of Amazon’s future. It strengthens the fact that Amazon is not going anywhere. There are going to be a lot of opportunities for investors to invest and create their brands on Amazon. In this blog, we will get to know about the tips that you can leverage to boost Amazon sales. Surprisingly, forecasts show that net sales will continue to grow steadily and will exceed one trillion dollars by 2026.

But still, people fear that investing in Amazon would be a total risk or Amazon could cut into their profits. This is not it. If you’re aware of the strategies and the ways to sell on Amazon and make profitable outcomes from Amazon, then surely you’re not among the ones saying all the above. Every business has some unlocking secrets for you to discover and dig for as much profit as you can. Similarly, Amazon has several trends or tips which you can follow to boost Amazon sales and run a successful business.

Top 6 Tips That Can Boost Your Amazon Sales

tips to increase sales on amazon

(1) Manage your Inventory

In the present times, people are mostly relying on online platforms rather than going to shopping centers. It will ultimately increase demand for the products on online selling platforms. The product that wins most of the market shares doesn’t mean it has the best quality only. The availability of the product around the year is a much more important factor for a product to be sold online. Hence, maintaining your inventory is an important factor to consider while selling on Amazon. People are likely to buy from other sellers having similar products.

Having a large amount of inventory at once could cost you too much storage fees, which is something nobody will want to. Similarly, having less inventory could cause the loss of a lot of potential orders. So managing your inventory should be your major concern, so you shouldn’t be causing any kind of mismanagement.

In 2021, nearly half of Amazon’s customers bought from a different brand if their usual choice was not available.

(2) Listing Optimization

Amazon SEO plays a vital role in making your product more visible and helping customers buy your product. Optimizing is the art of using relevant and most crucial content or information about your product so that when a potential customer searches for your product name, your listing should be at the top. Amazon SEO has a similar mechanism as Google’s SEO. The use of relevant keywords, images, product descriptions, and optimized titles will improve your listing’s ranking.

Keywords and product reviews are the two major concerns for Amazon’s on-page SEO. Pay keen attention to the keywords you’re using for your product, do proper keyword research, and have a look at the keywords your competitors are using. Write long but relevant product descriptions of almost 1000 words with embedded keywords in them. This will improve your product visibility.

(3) Add Videos to Product Listing

Amazon’s goal is to create an ideal and transparent shopping experience, and they provide third-party sellers with a variety of tools to help them create a better dealing environment for their customers. Videos give the customer a clear demonstration of the product that satisfies any kind of objections. Product videos give the customer additional insight and visualization of your product that text and static images can’t portray. More than 90% of consumers stated that they find product videos helpful when making purchases online. After hours of surfing, sometimes consumers don’t have much time for reading all the lengthy content written in the text form. This is where a video representation is needed so that the consumer doesn’t leave without buying that product.

(4) Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the proven strategies to boost Amazon sales. There was massive growth in influencer marketing of $13.8 billion in 2021. According to a survey, more than 60% of the responders make a purchase based on the recommendation of the influencer. What else could you wish for? In this case, micro-influencers should be valued to reach out to. Because micro-influencers have more engagement and audience loyalty than a celebrity if we talk about being in the virtual world (social media platforms).

There are many influencers present online having their respective field expertise. But modern technology means the social media influencers who’ve built a loyal following through their online content creation now have reached magnitudes larger than anything possible before. A post on Instagram can reach more people than an average person would come across in a lifetime.

These social media influencers are quite experienced in presenting the products in a way that relates to the audience. No matter if it’s a travel destination or a new skincare product, influencers will find a way and can create stories that resonate with the audience and convince readers to want the same lifestyle.

(5) Build Social Proof (Gather more reviews)

According to a survey conducted by Jungle Scout, almost 80% of buyers get inspired by ratings and reviews. This will ultimately increase the chances of getting more sales.

Consumers trust more on user-generated reviews and consider them as personal recommendations rather than trusting the brand. Don’t value the current reviews you have. Just get more and more. That’s what’s going to help you boost Amazon sales.

When a customer can’t decide which product to buy as hundreds of them are in front of him, the only way he opts is to decide based on reviews. The more reviews you have on your listing, the higher are the chances of getting conversions.

Now, the question is how to get reviews organically? That’s not a big deal. There are several ways of getting reviews on Amazon when you have sold a considerable amount of units.

Some of the possible ways to get reviews are:

➢ Using the “request a review button” offered by Amazon.

➢ Use ManyChat to engage with the audience. And later on ask for the reviews if they bought your product.

➢ Try reaching out to customers through email. That’s one of the effective ways to get a response from customers.

➢ Conduct product giveaways and ask the one for a review.

(6) Amazon Paid Advertising (PPC)

The advertising revenue of Amazon was expected to generate more than 26 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Surprisingly, this figure is projected to increase to over 85 billion USD by 2026. These huge stats show the dependence of Amazon sellers on paid advertising. Running a PPC campaign can be most rewarding and fruitful for any Amazon seller if it is done in the right way. Pay-per-click (PPC) helps you achieve your goals and grow your business by increasing your visibility. Your products appear in the top search results and you pay for each click a customer makes. This is a search engine optimization strategy that improves your ranking, identifies new leads, brings more traffic, and ultimately increases the conversion rate.

Following are some of the tips to run a successful PPC campaign:

Optimize Your Website

Before you start your campaign, you’ll first need to optimize your website, which is going to be inter-linked with the paid ad. Make an appealing landing page, provide more information about your product, use images and videos for better interaction with customers, and create a copy of the landing page that hooks the potential buyer and reduces the bounce rate.

Biding Strategy

There are a variety of bidding strategies to choose from but selecting the right one depends on many factors like your budget, your goals, and your set budget for PPC. There are two types of bidding; one is manual and the other is automatic. If you haven’t run any paid ads, then you must go with manual bidding. Because this gives you a fixed set amount of your ad spend.

Choose the keywords wisely

Keywords are the backbone of every search term or any product available online. Without a targeted keyword, the search engine would not know where to show your product, and using an irrelevant keyword could cost you a complete failure.

Conducting proper keyword research, analyzing what keywords competitors are using, and thinking about what keyword would you choose as a buyer for a particular product are some of the common approaches to finding a relevant keyword.

Create a Compelling Copy

Advertising is all about a copy. Whatever product or service you’re offering to the consumer, your ad copy is the only fuel that can drive your campaign throughout. Creating a killer copy is going to bring what you want. Use catchy headlines, engaging content, and most importantly a call to action button which ends the game.

A perfect Call to Action

One of the most important and the last steps of any online advertising ad is to add a call-to-action button. If a consumer stays longer than 3 secs on your ad, it means he/she either wants to buy your product or even plans to buy in the future. So what could he do if there wasn’t any CTA button? Use smart but perfect CTAs to lock your customers into buying your product.

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